Women of Distinction

Who we are

We are a group of mature married and single women who came up together with a purpose of serving the Kingdom of God. We stand in support of the ministry as women who are always the  backbone of every family. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. We build one another spiritually, mentally and materially. Spiritually, we have ladies weekend fellowships where we meet to pray together.
  2. We have a chama called Silk by which we bring together finances and offer loans to assist one another.
  3. We take charge in maintaining the cleaning,  organization and beautification of our church. 


  1. Annual Women’s Conference

It is organized every April. We invite speakers from within the country and abroad who come to minister and equip women spiritually and mentally. 



Upcoming Events

  1. Women’s Annual conference – April of every Year
  2. Children celebration – Twice a year
  3. House to house evangelism, seminars and workshops
  4. Other activities: sports and retreats.