Get to know the pastor...

Apostle Tengu Yoka met Jesus when he was 11 years old, and at 12 years old was baptized by pastor Ilunga Kabulo of FEPACO CHURCH, NZAMBE MALAMU, in Lubumbashi town, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

At age 15, Tengu Yoka joined the group of church’s evangelistic choir, and became an evangelist, ministering in different part of Katanga Province.

At age 21, he was sent to plan his first church in the City of Nyunzu in Katanga Province, and from that time, he has never looked back, but, from town to town, he has proclaimed the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the captives under Satanic oppression. He has travelled to different countries, and cities with the good news of the Kingdom of God, planting churches and admonishing those existing ones.

In the year 2002 He built a powerful missionary center in Nairobi, Kenya, from where he is operating. He is the senior pastor of Resurrection Temple International in Nairobi, and is overseeing more than 40 churches, situated in different cities around the world.

Tengu Yoka is married to Jael Tengu, and God has blessed them with 5 children, Douceur Tengu, Fidel Tengu, Patience Tengu, Marvel Tengu, and Angel Loveth Tengu.

Word from the Pastor...

2018 is the year of making your own history with God!


By looking for references, we limit God. Time has come to write a new history with the God of the Bible, that the future generation shall live to tell. Things that the prophets of old did all kinds of investigation to understand, things that angels want to look into; things that have no reference from the past.

January 2018

This month is focused on setting our foundation for 2018.


In this month, we focus on; 

Psalms 11: 3

if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?